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Halal Information

 The Muslim consumer market is very important to the Australian Meat Industry. Australia has an Australian Government Authorized Halal Program (AGAHP) which ensures high-quality product that is strictly Halal ("lawful" in Arabic). Australia is recognized as a world leader in Halal meat production.

For its success, AGAHP relies heavily upon the involvement and expertise of various Islamic organizations. These organizations are licensed to supervise, inspect and certify all Halal meat and meat products by the Australian Department of Agriculture.

Halal meat processors must have a registered program which complies 100 percent with AGAHP guidelines. All Halal meat processing facilities must submit to regular AGAHP inspections. The following procedures apply:

  • Processors may employ only registered Muslim slaughtermen. 
  • Haram ("unlawful") meat may not be processed in the same area as Halal product. 
  • Halal and non-Halal product must be adequately separated and identified at all times. 
  • Equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and washed if it has been in contact with non-Halal meat. 
  • Only genuine Halal products may be issued a Halal certificate, and only by recognized Islamic organizations. 
  • Halal meat is identified by an official stamp on carcasses or products in a carton. 
  • Halal meat must be described on the Meat Transfer Certificate used by export companies when transported between export establishments. 
  • Halal meat for final export receives an official Halal meat certificate signed by both the Australian Department of Agriculture and a recognized Islamic Council representative. 
  • For more information, download the Australian Halal Meat Products Guide or the new Australian Halal Fact Sheet.