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Healthy, Safe and Flavorful

High Standards of Safety, Integrity and Traceability

As one of the world’s largest exporters of goatmeat, the Australian Meat and Livestock Industry maintains a long-term commitment to food safety. Australia is internationally recognized as free of all major livestock diseases. Our goats have no added hormones. And they have limited exposure to chemicals as they are derived from clean, low-risk chemical residue production systems. These and other quality features complement our industry-wide focus on responsibly meeting the demands of customers in over 100 markets worldwide.

From ranch to transport and processing plants, the entire Australian Goat Industry implements integrity and traceability systems overseen by independently audited Quality Assurance (QA) programs. In fact, Australia is a world leader in animal identification. Australia’s National Livestock Identification System (NLIS), for example, identifies and traces animals for biosecurity, food safety, product integrity and market access. The Australian industry, government and other relevant organizations partnered to develop these quality systems and ensure the ongoing integrity and superior quality of Australian Meat.

Natural Flavor of Australian Goatmeat

The natural environment in which Australian goats are raised and the absence of additives result in meat that is lean and healthy and has a natural flavor. Australian Goatmeat has a firm texture, with flavor profiles from mild to strong depending on the age of the animal.