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Where to Find Australian Goatmeat

You will find Australian Goatmeat on the menus of many ethnic restaurants in the U.S. and Canada (such as Hispanic, Indian, Middle-Eastern and Southeast-Asian) and a growing number of trendy restaurants. The only way to know if it is AUSTRALIAN goatmeat, however, is to ask, since foodservice establishments are not required to identify the source of ingredients in prepared foods.

A few markets in the U.S. and Canada now sell Australian goatmeat. You are most likely to find Australian Goatmeat in the U.S. and Canada at a local ethnic market or specialty store, such as Hispanic, Indian, Middle-Eastern or Southeast-Asian.

If you have a good relationship with the specialty butcher or supermarket where you regularly shop they might be willing to order it. In some communities you can go directly to the local suppliers, which may sell to the public.